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Hi Graham & Nicki

We understand that you are in the process of choosing a builder for your home in Plaza-Midwood. As you know, my husband and I are now living in a house that Bungalow Designs built for us. Chris, my husband and I, were happy to have you walk through our new home, not only because we are very proud of the end result of our collaboration with Bungalow Designs, but also because it allows us to go above and beyond the normal call of duty as home owners for them. The Bungalow Designs family went beyond their duty as builders every time we called on them, so we are happy to return the efforts. To begin, we chose to work with Bungalow Designs after going to at least a dozen open houses for new homes or renovated homes in Plaza-Midwood, NoDa, Elizabeth & Cotswold. On the surface, the obvious differentiating factors between the Bungalow Designs product and any of the other houses that we visited was sturdiness, quality, detail and cohesiveness (of the bungalow/craftsman style and taste).

I will not even try to mask my enthusiasm and partiality to Bungalow Designs; they earned it. I cannot praise the skills, talents and integrity of Bungalow Designs enough. Phenomenal is the word that I have used to describe them. Other words or phrases that we have used to describe Todd, Eddy and Chris: “the only thing that can beat your craftsmanship is your integrity”, “home is where the heart is and you have put your heart into my home”, “they are not builders, they are craftsman”, “couldn’t have asked for a better experience”, “you know those hellish contractor stories, well we didn’t experience them”, “we would not build another home with anyone other than Bungalow Designs” (though I hope that we are in this one for a long, long time J).

You saw the craftsmanship and detail, so that should not be a question. They take ownership of every detail of their work. They also build relationships based on respect and fairness, based both in our relationship with them, and in my observations while interacting with their vendors. That is vital. The vendors not only did a quality job, but because of the approach that Todd and Eddy have, they were able to leverage their relationships with many vendors to pull many overtime hours, weekends worked, and under the gun projects. All of the vendors that I spoke with, which were many, had only praise for Eddy, Chris and Todd.

The true partnership and collaboration that we all developed was unexpected. It was clear that we were all working toward the same goals with the same standards. If we had chosen another builder, we would still have a house to live in of course. But it certainly would not be the home that it is now.

We would not have wanted to be on this journey with anyone other than Bungalow Designs.
In the end, our instinct was to trust them with our money, home, future happiness, our time and efforts. Our instincts were right.

I hope that this endorsement of Bungalow Designs gives you insight to some of the intangibles that cannot be so easily discerned. Though upon reflection, if you observe the character and quality of the homes they build, you will also observe that they do reflect the character and quality of Todd, Eddy and Chris as individuals and as a team.

Best Regards and Good Luck!

Laura Dishman

We designed and built our house from the ground up, and chose Bungalow Designs because we wanted a hands-on builder who knew the industry. The quality of our home’s construction is superb and we’re (still) thrilled with the overall result we achieved with Bungalow Designs. Perhaps the ultimate validation was during our 1-year home inspection: the inspector apologized for not having found anything “wrong” with the house, after spending 6 hours on the property!

We highly recommend Todd and his team and would be happy to discuss our experience with anyone considering Bungalow Designs.

Mark Holoman

Todd is the type of builder who tryly cares that you get what you want in a house and he will go the extra mile to do that.  We feel that he is honest and trustworthy.  We have been in our house for years and we love it.  If we ever decide to build another house, Todd will be our man without a doubt.  If you are considering building a new house or having one renovated you should use Todd hands down.

Anne Monested

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