We Are In The Business of Building Relationships
We are partners in a mutually beneficial endeavor. We ensure your happiness and subsequently our business success by holding ourselves accountable and performing our duties with integrity and honor. In our estimation, the key element that determines successful business partnerships is clear and honest communication. We integrate our personal values into our business, fostering rewarding relationships in an environment of compassion and abundance.

What truly separates us is our ability and desire to collaborate with our clients, discovering their dreams, and often exceeding their expectations by customizing their home to their specifications. While Bungalow Designs Inc is a company that specializes in historic and urban infill areas in the Charlotte area, we have expanded our geography to incorporate outlying areas to meet ever changing demands and fill the needs of our client base.


Dare to Dream! Imagine the custom home or home addition you always wanted. Set aside your fears and creatively visualize exactly what you want. The sky is the limit. Document your dreams then give us a call. (704) 995-5031.


At this stage, we will personally consult with you regarding your vision. If it is a custom home we will look at your land, and your plans. If you do not have architectural plans we can point you in the right direction. If you want to renovate or add to your existing home, we will evaluate the structure with your vision in mind to determine the approach. We will help you with a cost benefit analysis and empower you with the knowledge to implement your desires. You will understand the scope and costs of the project before we move forward. (704) 995-5031.


If you are comfortable with our preliminary analysis, we will move forward to formalize our agreement. The plans that you submit for your custom home, or the drawings that we submit for your renovation/addition will be discussed and decided upon. We will present you with a straightforward contract that spells out exactly what you will receive and a timely critical path to complete the project. (704) 995-5031


This is typically where the process breaks down in our industry. Because we value clear communication, we will conscientiously handle all aspects of the construction process. There is no need for you to stay on top of the plumber, the electrician, the framer, etc… We will be your conduit to ensure that the process moves forward efficiently and on budget. If there are changes in the plan, which typically occurs, we will be accessible and amenable to your wishes. (704) 995-5031

Let’s Dream Together